wireless construction

FastWave Communications has worked on hundreds of cell sites from the likes of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile & US Cellular. With experienced technicians handling Ericsson, Nokia, and lucent equipment to name a few.


New Site builds

From trenching, to laying cement and platforms, FastWave Communications has performed many new site builds installing infrastructure to deploy the latest and greatest technology.



Network Systems Intergration

Having the ability to install equipment correctly is a must, having a team of certified engineers both in the field and network support side is a necessity.  From Routing, to creating site commissioning files, verifying neighboring cell towers, building blade clusters for E911 call tests. FastWave Communications brings huge value to customers nationwide.

Cell Site Design

With a team of Site Acquisition, RF engineers and Certified technicians we change the game when it comes to having the ability to not only see how cell sites work, but having the knowledge and personnel  to lay them out from scratch and implement construction effectively.


construction Management

Operating in several states gives us a widespread of employees and partners, having in market management to help lead crews and guide new employees is a major part of our success. Additionally enforcing safety at all times and proper rigging practices separates us from many. ultimately being able to set the tone on quality standards to meet our clients needs.



Project Management

FastWave Communications' Project Management Team is derived of many different backgrounds of whom have years of in field experience. Structuring teams to execute high priority projects is a huge task, both project managers and coordinators for FastWave Communications that gives us the ability to not only deploy teams efficiently but to oversee closeouts and deliverables ultimately producing incredible quality for our customers.